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An Epic Road Trip From Lisbon to Madrid!‍ - Part 2 - Portugal

Lisboa - River Tejo and "25 de Abril" bridge

Departing from Lisbon, after 48 kms you will arrive to Setubal.


Setúbal is a vibrant and energetic city with a strong affinity with the sea.

From the castle high above the harbor, the vast Atlantic Ocean can be seen rolling out towards a steel-blue horizon.

In the old town, churches are dressed in pleated stone designed to resemble twisted rope.

Restaurants serve emblematic dishes like choco frito - deep-fried cuttlefish seasoned with garlic and lemon juice.

View of the "Serra da Arrábida" and beachs - by Tiago Eira in Unsplashiago

The estuary of the river Sado itself is a protected nature reserve and a favorite destination for spirited dolphins and wintering wildlife, and has some of the bests beaches in Portugal.

Outdoor enthusiasts can hike the beautifully stark Serra west of the city and discover hidden chapels and medieval strongholds set amid emerald forests and blankets of flowers.

For those looking to explore the city, there are a number of tourist attractions to visit, such as the Palácio and Quinta da Bacalhôa, Convento da Arrábida, Serra da Arrábida Natural Park and Castelo de São Filipe.

Leaving Setubal and driving about 100 kms you will reach the city of Évora.


Detail of the Roman Temple in Évora - by Frank Nurnberger in Unsplash

Évora is a beautiful and ancient city in Portugal that is full of interesting attractions.

The most popular places to visit are the Sé Cathedral , the Igreja de São Francisco (with the Capela dos Ossos-Bone Chapel, which is a chapel that is entirely decorated with human bones) , the Roman Temple , the Museu de Évora (Évora Museum) , the Évora University , the Historic Centre , the Noble Houses and the Praça do Giraldo.

Megalithic complex near Évora - Wikipedia

And, of course, you can't miss the Neolithic monuments at Almendres and Zambujeiro, which are some of the oldest monuments in the city. There is also plenty to do for tourists, such as exploring the city's many restaurants and shops, as well as checking out all the others attractions.

After 47 kms driving, you will arrive to Estremoz.


Estremoz is a popular tourist destination in Portugal due to its rich history and many monuments of historical interest. Tourists can visit the Castelo de Estremoz, the Capela da Rainha Santa, the Museu Municipal Prof. Joaquim Vermelho, the Núcleo Medieval de Estremoz.

You can enjoy the relaxed and calm life of a small city of Alentejo.

View of Estremoz - Flickr

Additionally, visitors can explore the olive groves and vineyards located around the city, as well as learn about the marble quarries, which are one of the main economic activities of the region.

After Estremoz and after 43 kms you will get to the city of Elvas.


Elvas is home to a number of fascinating tourist attractions, including the impressive walls of Elvas, the 18th and 19th century star forts, the Amoreira aqueduct, the Castelo de Elvas, the Igreja das Domínicanas, the Museu de Arte Contemporânea, and the Pelourinho de Elvas, in a scenic square located near the northern entrance of the town.

Fortification of Elvas

Visitors will be charmed by the unhurried atmosphere, and the extensive historical architecture, making Elvas a great option for anyone visiting Portugal.

Aqueduct of Amoreira, Elvas

And so, after 5 kms, you will leave Portugal and enter Spain.

In the next post we will talk about what you can see and visit, in your trip to Madrid.


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